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Dating is hard.

I have tons of fabulous single friends.  I’m also single (and fabulous).  Yet we all claim to have trouble getting to date two, let alone finding The One.  After experiencing my own collection of disappointments and counseling many a confused dateless wonder, I realized that I give good advice.  I should write this stuff down!  So I am.

Come here often?  I hope you do.

“Fail” is a harsh word, but I’m going to use it anyway.  We fail at dating because we fail at communicating, honesty, recognizing social cues, and timing.  We over think every move until we’re rendered immobile by fear.  We lie or avoid confrontation so we don’t “hurt anyone’s feelings.”  We get scared of something that could be good, so we don’t give it a chance.  We follow nonsensical dating rules and end up missing out on something that could have been great.  Why do we sabotage our own happiness?  Maybe it’s because we’re afraid to succeed.

My goal here is to discuss dating issues and offer my opinions and advice in a non-Cosmo-like fashion.  No cutesy euphemisms for body parts, no “Unleash Your Inner Jungle Cat and Watch Him Purr,” just realistic advice.  Hopefully, along the way, I’ll help you and me find what we’re looking for.


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