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Street harassment, or why big-city women are so cold

The catcall: time-honored tradition of bored and overconfident men, major annoyance of tired and nervous women. Ladies, if you live in a city where you don’t spend all your time outside actually locked in your car, you’re going to get spoken to, even if you’re wearing paint-stained sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt. Read the stories on Holla Back NYC or any of its sister sites. You’ll be shocked to find out what women have to deal with every day. I really don’t think that most men, even decent men who would never say insulting things to a woman on the street, understand how serious a problem this is.

So I’ll address it here. Guys, do you know why women ignore you when you try to talk to them on the street? Because we get it all the time and it’s exhausting. We no longer have the strength to determine whether or not you’re even sincere, so we just assume you’re an asshole and treat you as such. Don’t take it personally. Because many men don’t see us as more than walking vaginas, we often don’t see guys we pass on the street as people we’d like to date. Or…stand within ten feet of.

Hey, nice guys: Are you tired of women giving you the brush-off? Then get mad at your fellow men for harassing the ladies and ruining things for you. Help a woman out if you see she’s in a bad situation with a strange man. You’ll help keep her safe and hopefully teach the loser a lesson.


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